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It is time to do what you can: 

  • There are many charitable organizations that need volunteers and donations. For further Contact Information click here.
  • Donate blood, to the American Red Cross, blood supply:
    • The American Red Cross is in need of blood to replenish the nation's supply. Call 1-800-HELP-NOW to schedule an appointment near where you live.
    • For more information on helping victims of the U.S. attacks, visit Helping.org
  • Write your senator and congressman. Click here to find your senator and write him an email advocating that we stay the course, fight and destroy  our enemies, no matter how long it takes.  This isn't Viet Nam - this is a war for our survival. After you write both of your senators, click here to write to your congressman in the House of Representatives
  • Watch and report to the police or FBI every suspicious activity you see; especially Arabs and foreign Islamic fundamentalists who you don't know and trust.  Do not become a racist or advocate violence, but DO report suspicious activity!  

    FBI tip Web site:

    Department of Justice tip line:
  • Become informed - do not just believe what people or the media tell you!  See below for more tips and evidence.

I am NOT advocating hatred or racism - most Middle Easterners living here as citizens or permanent residents are our friends and countrymen, and they should be treated as such - but extremists who are NOT American citizens and who you do not personally know must be considered to be potential threats and terrorists. 

Need more to think about?  Click here for a photo slide show. (requires Powerpoint)


National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
Department of Homeland Security -  site includes information on terror advisories, preparedness, threats and protection.
Red Cross: Preparedness Recommendations -  guide to preparedness activities for the five levels of the Homeland Security Advisory System.
DOJ: Response to Terrorist Attacks -  news releases, initiative details, and more from Attorney General Ashcroft and the Justice Department.
FBI: War on Terrorism -  site includes a list of 'most wanted' suspected terrorists. Also: a form to report suspected terrorist activity.
White House: National Security -  includes text and audio of speeches and statements by the President and cabinet officials.
Terrorism Indictments and Complaints -  full text of indictments and criminal complaints, with links to corresponding law(s) allegedly broken by defendants. From FindLaw.
Terrorism Law and Policy -  includes news, policy papers, anti-terrorism laws, academic commentary, and more. From JURIST, at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.
Amnesty International: 11 September Crisis -  looks at human rights issues raised in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.
Human Rights Abuses of Post-September 11 Detainees -  report from Human Rights Watch, September 2002.
Not in Our Name -  working for alternative post-9/11 policies; "no war without limits; no detentions & round-ups; no police state restrictions."
Unanswered Questions -  independent group that asks and explores unanswered questions regarding the U.S. and international response to and the events preceding 9/11.
America Still Unprepared - America Still in Danger -  report of an independent task force, sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. Released October 24, 2002.
Patterns of Global Terrorism 2001 -  U.S. State Department report issued on May 21, 2002 covering worldwide terrorism, including regional overviews and a chronology of significant incidents in 2001.
Operation TIPS -  DOJ initiative to enlist workers in selected industries to report suspicious, and potentially terrorist-related activity.
Response to Terrorism -  includes the text of policy and speeches by U.S. officials, photos, and a chronology of terrorist incidents since 1961. From the U.S. State Department.
10 Downing Street: War on Terrorism -  provides reports and evidence, campaign objectives, official statements, and humanitarian aid FAQs.
Federal Emergency Management Agency -  includes NYC recovery news, and information on Sept. 11 victims' benefits and assistance.
U.S. State Department Counterterrorism Office -  site includes statements from the coalition against terrorism.




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