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Place Searches: Need directions or a map to find a friend's house, a business or other place?

  • Mapsonus - the best online mapping site, in my opinion

  • MapBlast - has improved over mapquest

  • MapQuest - started it all, but now seems to have become more inaccurate!

Search Engines

  • Metacrawler - the best one - as it searches about 10 or 20 other search engines automatically for you.

  • Excite - Has LOTS of links.

  • Yahoo! - always popular

  • People Searches: Phone number and Address searches: These sites allow you to enter a name for either a person or a business and to locate their phone number, address or email address.  Or you can enter the phone number and find the name, etc.

Travel Information

Looking for a restaurant?  I've set these up to start with Atlanta, but you can use them for any city (almost).

Related to Environmental Health & Safety

For the most complete list, go to EHSO!

The EHSO site provides all kinds of free information about environmental health & safety issues, including Phase I / II assessments, asbestos, radon, lead-based paint, home inspections, etc.  In addition, the company  EHSO, Environmental Health & Safety Outsourcing, offers EHS services, including commercial property assessments and home inspections.

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Other great web sites: 1. Fitness and exercise information     3. Environment, health and safety Information     4. Where to find a pick-your-own farm    5. Find Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, Hayrides and More     6. Find choose-and-cut Christmas tree farms, precut trees, etc.     8. Free resources to start your own website business.  Chastain Park:  Looking for Chastain Park Concert tickets or directions?  Click here