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If you want a dynamic website, that is, a website in that reacts in real time to users requests and responds to them with the appropriate information, you will need to employ PHP, ASP, JSP, or ColdFusion.

Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL

Your Own Home Server - Introduction


An Introduction

In this tutorial you will learn how to step up your own server. This server will be comprised of Apache 1.3.31, PHP 4.3.9, and MySQL 4.1. This tutorial will address the basic setup of a server on your own computer. This means the removal of hassles of dealing with the company that is running a remote web server. It will be easy to modify. You can add any thing you want to it, be it CGI/Perl, Zope, Roxen, etc, all by your self. You will have unlimited disk space, well at least as big as your hard drive is =) Now that you know the advantages, it is time that I tell you what i used, and what you will need.

What I used


  • Windows - NOTE that if you are using XP or 2k you WILL NEED Administrative Privileges. If you don't then get them somehow =) If you are on 95, 98, NT, XP, ME, I am not sure if this will work on 95 or Xp. If you tried this tutorial on one of those OS's please email me and tell me how it went.
  • Apache 1.2.x - Apache 2.0 is a different set up than 1.3.x, and since most online distributions use 1.2.x that is what we'll use.
  • Mysql 4.1 - The newest version of MySQL when I set up my server. MySQL also the is the best PHP supported Database, and well love PHP don't we.
  • PHP 4.3.10 - The latest and greatest PHP release. -nt

What you will need

Once you have downloaded all the programs you are ready to continue


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